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Deliveries Sent Out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays
Deliveries Sent Out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays

Rohto: Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Lotion Moist (5.7 fl.oz / 170 ml)


The Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Lotion is a very gentle, soothing, hydrating Essence that is amazing at smoothing and plumping the skin. It is a light, thick-water texture that sinks into the skin quickly and without heaviness or stickiness on the skin.

Formulated without alcohol, fragrance, mineral oil, sulfates or other irritating ingredients.

Acne Prone and Oily Skin
Oily skin types with appreciate the light texture of this product and the amazing hydration that is delivered to the skin. It is especially great for people experiencing dehydrated skin as it hydrates and plumps with water content and not oil.

Normal to Dry Skin
Drier skin types will love the instant hydrating and plumping delivered by the 3 forms of Hyaluronic Acid. It quickly absorbs into the skin leaving it smooth and glowing without any heaviness. Perfect for warmer weather or as an extra boost of hydration.


Key Ingredients

  • Hyaluronic Acid – is an extremely effective ingredient to help plump and hydrate the skin with water content. It naturally lives in our skin with Collagen and Elastin but can be depleted over time and with environmental factors. This Essence Lotion contains 3 forms of Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate the skin at different levels of the Epidermis so that your skin is evenly hydrated at different depths. This helps the skin stay more plump and hydrated for longer.
  • Glycerin – is another very popular and effective humectant ingredient that helps to draw moisture into the skin to hydrate and plump. It also helps to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and smooth the skin. It’s very effective and suitable for all skin types.