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Deliveries Sent Out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays
Deliveries Sent Out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays

Kracie: Himawari Moomin Volume & Repair Shampoo & Conditioner Set - Limited Edition

  • KRACIE Himawari Dear Beaute Oil in Shampoo- Volume & Repair 400ml + Conditioner 400ml- Limited Edition Bottle Moomin
  • The concept of Kracie’s new line of hair care product is himawari or sunflower oil, it effectively cares for damaged hair.
  • Dear Beaute Himawari is designed to strengthen the roots of hair and give more volume. Contains premium organic sunflower oil, organic sunflower extract, sunflower seeds extract and sunflower petal extract, in addition to honey and coating oil.
  • Fruity fragrance including mandarin, lemon, pear and more.
  • Non-silicon and contains four types of amino-based washing ingredients. Sulfate-free.
  • The non-silicone shampoo lathers into a rich, refined foam and washes off gently to leave the hair straight and manageable. The conditioner now contains sunflower wax, which forms a moisture barrier. The dense texture sinks into the hair and balances water and oil to reduce waves, frizz, and dryness, leaving the hair manageable even in hot, humid weather. Has an elegant floral scent that captures the warmth of the sun. Sulfate-free (contains no sulfur-based surfactants) formula.
  • Made In Japan