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Deliveries Sent Out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays

Daisho: Miso Chanko Nabe Hot Pot Soup Base (1.6 lb / 750 g)

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A succulent tasting hot pot soup base traditionally enjoyed by sumos for its hearty helpings of protein and probiotic goodness, this miso chanko hot pot stock offers 3 satisfying meals of heartwarming Japanese umami flavor. Rich and sweet-savouriness thanks to its base of pungent miso and fermented rice seasoning, this broth is enriched with soy sauce, bonito fish and kombu kelp to deepen its mellow, mouthwatering taste. A flavorsome broth that's balanced with great nutrition and can be used as a sumptuous noodle stock.



water, miso (soy, rice, salt, soya yeast, lactic acid, ferment, alcohol), fermented seasoning (saccharides, rice, alcohol, salt), soy sauce (soy, wheat, salt, fructose syrup, earth diatom), corn fructose syrup, flavor enhancer E621, salt, seasoning (flavor enhancers E621 and E631, dried bonito, sugar, yeast extract, salt), kombu extract, alcohol, red pepper, thickener E415, presence of acidifier E507, preservative E221, emulsifier E471, flavor enhancer E635